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2024 IWF World Cup – Phuket, Day 5

2024 IWF World Cup – Phuket, Day 5: M61kg

DPR Korean athlete did the new world record again in the fifth day of 2024 IWF World Cup - Phuket.

Men 67kg category, “Ri Won Ju“ broke C&J world record in his third attempt at 189kg. In the previous record was set by anorther DRP Korean Lifter “Pak Jon Ju”. Ri also won gold medal in total 333kg and silver medal in snatch 144 kg.

Massidda Sergio (ITA), who won gold medalist 145kg in Snatch, took silver medal in total 317kg and bronze medal in C&J 172kg.

Muratbek Uulu Ishimbek (KGZ) was second place in C&J 172kg and third place in Total 294kg while Yasin Mohammad (INA) was third place in Snatch.

Today highlight was Men 73kg category. The new Total World Record was broken by JUNIANSYAH Rizki (INA), former World Junior championm at 365kg after won gold medal in C&J 201kg and silver medal in snatch 164kg

The Olympic champion “SHI Zhiyong (CHN)” was the first place in Snatch 165kg and second place in Total 356kg

ABDULLAH Rahmat Erwin was second place in C&J195kg while Snatch and Total was third place 160kg/355kg

Bronze medal in C&J belonged to Bak Joohyo (KOR) 195kg.


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