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Logo & Mascot

2024 IWF World Cup LOGO

the logo description:

🗝️ Unlocking the Secret: Logo of the "2024 World Cup" competition

🌴 Golden Top: Palm tree from the panoramic view of Promthep Cape, a famous tourist destination in Phuket Province.

🇹🇭 Blue-Red Sides: Weightlifting plate in the colors of the Thai flag, symbolizing the competition being held in Thailand.

🏋🏻‍♂️ Center: Name of the competition event.

🌊 Blue-Aqua Bottom: Waves resembling the beautiful beaches of Phuket Province, along with the letter Q: Quality, symbolizing internationally recognized quality competition.

🐢 Sea Turtle: Representive of Phuket Province as an important sea turtle conservation and breeding site.


2024 IWF World Cup Mascot01

the mascot description:

Let's meet "Tao Nu," the mascot of the 2024 World Cup Weightlifting competition. Tao Nu represents the strength of the Thai seas. Known for their cuteness, Tao Nu earned the nickname "Tao Nu the Mighty" due to their dedication to rigorous training and lifting heavy boulders to test their strength. They are determined to compete in the 2024 IWF World Cup Weightlifting Championship.